MaxNC 15 OL CNC Mini Mill

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MaxNC 15 Open Loop table top mill with MaxNC controller and stepper motors.
This mill has been used very little and is in excellant condition.
Specifications: Table 4" x 18" with 3 - 0.500" T-Slots. Maxi X travel, 14", Y travel 8" and Z Axis 10".
1/8" tapered collet spindle with a max speed 10,000 RPM. Motor is an American made 1/5HP with belt drive.
Stepper motors rated at 145 oz in allowing a maximum cutting rate of 50 IPM.
Positional and repeatable accuracy is 0.00025", using the included zero backlash lead nuts.
The machine weighs about 70 lbs when packed for shipping.
Requires 110VAC.
Guarenteed against DOA.
Price is $1700.00.
NOTE: It is recommended that Mach3 software be used to control this machine. Mach3 is free for non-commercial use and has a special configuration for the MaxNC OL.
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